Latest album, 'Mother Earth Father Sun', available now.

Mother Earth Father Sun album cover


Mother Earth Father Sun (2018)

Mother Earth Father Sun (2018)
  1. Mother

  2. Earth

  3. Father

  4. Sun

Degrembus (2014)

Degrembus (2014)
  1. Degrembus

Natural Light (2014)

Natural Light (2014)
  1. Your Head Is Full of Noise

  2. Submerged

  3. Cloudshapes

  4. The Smell of Rain

  5. Morning Mist / Sky Blue

Chelytherium is the solo project of Preston, Lancashire-based musician Craig Cooper-Miller. Craig began creating experimental music in 2012, eventually releasing an entirely improvised selection of demo songs. This was followed in 2014 by the more focused debut album, 'Natural Light'.

The name Chelytherium means "turtle beast", and also belongs to an ancient species of turtle - quite an apt pseudonym for the slow-moving, yet powerful sound.

The songs have also been brought to a diverse range of live venues, including Preston's Harris Museum, The Ferret, Brockholes Nature Reserve, and Manchester's Antwerp Mansion. When playing live, the music is recreated and expanded upon, often mixing in improvisational elements, making each performance a unique experience.